About us – X897 Furniture

About us

Hi, and welcome to X897 Furniture!  

X897 is the brainchild of the creative duo Julia and Moe. Julia has a background in big-tech and fashion marketing, whereas industrial designer Moe is a former Design Lead at one of the biggest lifestyle and sportswear brands in the world. 

 Having both witnessed mass-consumption up close, the couple shared a goal to move away from fashion. And so, it all started when Julia came home one day to find the dexterous Moe in the process of folding a light pendant, equipped only with her hairdryer and some polystyrene. (RIP hairdryer.)

 The result was influenced by his time in streetwear, tapping into Japanese design aesthetics: Minimalistic, functional and beautiful at the same time. 

 And so, they founded X897 in 2021 (the X897 - part is actually taken from their postcode), with a vision to encourage a more conscious consumption. How? By focusing on timeless design collectibles made to last.


X897 Furniture Founders Julia Moe