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About us

From designing cult sneakers to reimagining interior design collectibles...  

X897 is the brainchild of the creative duo Julia and Maurice. Julia has a background in big-tech and fashion marketing, whereas industrial designer Maurice is a former Design Lead at one of the biggest lifestyle and sportswear brands in the world.

Identifying mass consumption and waste of natural resources being one of our generation's biggest challenges, the couple shared the goal to create the next generation of furniture. The result was influenced by their time in streetwear, tapping into Japanese design aesthetics: Minimalistic, functional,  beautiful, and responsible at the same time.

And so, they founded X897 in 2020 (the X897 - part is taken from their postal code), with a vision to encourage more conscious consumption. How? By focusing on timeless design collectibles built to last.


X897 Furniture Founders Julia Moe




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